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Here Are The Signs You Should Invest In A Corporate Video

Ever wanted to know how to tell if you should invest in a corporate video for your business website? We have put together a guide that will help you decide, with 7 signs you should invest in a corporate video:

1. You Have an Extensive F.A.Q. Page

If you have more than 10 questions and answers in your F.A.Q. section - you may want to consider putting them all into a comprehensive video that can be played from your website. The problem is that people are looking for clarification on your offering - so why not make that as easy as possible for your customer? Having a video on your website ensures greater interaction between your business brand and your customer and is a sure-fire way to answer most questions you receive.

2. You Get a Lot of the Same Questions on Social Media

In a similar vein, if you receive a lot of similar questions on your Social Media channels from your customers then it means you can alleviate your marketing manager by directing customers to a video. This also ensures your brand gets greater exposure as well as a more concrete image in the eyes of your customer.

3. You Want to Give Your Business Some Personality

This is also vital for brand identity. If people are going out of their way to take a look at what you have to offer - make it worth their while. Staring at text makes it like any other job - watching a video is much more engaging and conveys your brand better through an immersive combination of topic, tone and style.

4. You Want Customers to See Your Product or Service in Action

Again, this ties into the brand experience section and is a valuable tool for getting your potential customer to engage with your product or service online. Give your potential customer a taster of what it's like to use your product or service, the problem it solves and how it makes life easier for them - remember to focus on process as well as outcomes. This is where your professionalism sets you apart from your competition. As they say - the devil is in the details!

5. You Want to Make Your Product or Service Shareable

More than likely, the act of agreeing on the purchase of your product or service is something that is a shared decision between two or more people - and in deciding - they need some media material to help them make their choice. Why so? Because it acts as a point of contact for them with your business and its mission. While they are mulling over whether to hand their money over to you - make the decision as easy for them as possible.

6. Your Website Has High Bounce Rates

If you have high traffic - but low rates of people actually sticking around - it may be because there is not much to stick around for. Is there content to read? Pictures to browse? A backstory to participate in and be a part of? Or is your website simply a banner with your contact details? If so, you are missing out on an opportunity to connect with your potential customer and provide them with an insight into your professional capabilities - to show them you know your industry and are an active participant in its development. Making a video will lead to greater engagement and share-ability, lowering bounce rates and retaining greater number of customers. Try it out with even a 30 second video, which many online editing companies, including SameRock, can put together for you.

7. Your Photo Gallery Receives a Lot of Visits

You have great photographs and at some point, you settled for that to be enough. Well its not - between the social media channels seeing a growth in video popularity - to the continued growth of YouTube, it is evident that although photography is holding strong in the 21st century, the true way to capture someone's imagination is to make a video of your company. This makes your gallery a lot more livelier as you get to control the sound a potential customer hears, the sequence and pacing of your brand image, as well as the tone and message with which you approach your customer. Taking the plunge and releasing a video is by far one of the best investments you can make for your business in 2017.

If you're looking to make the video yourself - make sure to check out the 5 Keys to Make a Great Video. Any questions - just email We're all standing on the Same Rock!


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