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Electrical Analytics

Trinity College Dublin Research Team
SAMEROCK was commissioned to create a full media-package for the Trinity College Spinout - Electrical Analytics. This included Video, Staff and Product Photography and Graphic Design. 

Electrical Analytics - About Us

Electrical Analytics - About Us

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Executive Breakout Programme

Innovation Academy, Trinity College Dublin

This project had SAMEROCK capturing the Executive Breakout Programme at the Innovation Academy in Trinity College Dublin. SAMEROCK was commissioned to communicate the creative and collaborative benefits of the Executive Breakout Programme for senior executives in companies such as Google and Bank of Ireland.


PuResults Fitness Bootcamp

For Kathryn Thomas' latest project, SAMEROCK were brought on board to edit together existing footage into a coherent and easy to share video for the company's social media channels. 


Lotts Café Bar, Dublin

Showing off Dublin's smallest pub isn't easy, but SAMEROCK managed to pull it off in this project for Lotts Cafe Bar. Here we filmed from breakfast to dinner to make sure we conveyed the unique atmosphere that makes Lotts such a special part of Dublin.

SmallFarms - LaunchBox

BlackStone LaunchPad, Trinity College Dublin

SAMEROCK had the opportunity to interview this Social Enterprise dealing with alternative sources of protein. Here, we learned about the incredible power of crickets to provide up to three times as much protein as beef and how this can help end malnutrition around the world.

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