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So the door to your local swings open and in walks your business. What is the first thing you notice? Is it neat and presentable? Warm and casual or cold and informal? Does it strut purposefully in, or amble leisurely? Brand image is one of the strongest factors at play in the buying process and, unsurprisingly...

When you’re planning your video, have a good idea of the location where you will be filming. Ideally, before filming, you should get a chance to scout the location to decide shot composition. Ensure to check with the laws of your country regarding filming permissions in public - and when you are filming in a pub...

The key point of this article is to define the role of emotion in photography and to focus in on key points that will help develop a unique style.


The tones and hues of a photograph convey the most emotion. While bright lights solicit sharp response, darker and more sombre tones such as brown and blues draw...

We have spent a significant amount of time in Innovation Institutes and Academies in and around Dublin. Some of which include the Innovation Academy in University College Dublin (UCD), the Innovation Academy in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) in Maynooth University (MU). All...

While international corporations enjoy a 12.5% corporation tax in Ireland, being an Irish company in Ireland has its privileges too. One of these privileges is access to many support systems in place to foster entrepreneurism in Ireland. We dive right into the top Supports in Ireland for Irish Start-Ups

Looking for a comprehensive checklist to improve your writing? Here we will take a look at the key components of what make a great article stand out from the rest. 

1. Message

As with any project – you must keep in mind its purpose and message. Ask yourself, what is your approach method (be it journalism etc.), w...

Should you invest in a corporate video for your business website? This guide will help you decide.

"Moving in between the three stages, live music both followed and greeted you everywhere you went." 

You’re never quite sure what to expect from a free festival. Is it going to overcompensate with extortionate drink prices and low quality performers? What if the crowd is going to be diluted with non-fans that ar...

Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin, is ranked number 1 in Europe for producing entrepreneurs and accounts for one fifth of all spin-out companies

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